Camouflage Thinning Hair with Hair Loss Concealers – DermMatch, Toppik, Nanogen Keratin Fibers & Good Looking Hair (GLH)

Are you looking for a way to diminish the effects of thinning hair?? Turn back the clock on hair loss and get the appearance of thicker, fuller hair in minutes with cosmetic hair loss concealers.

Hair loss concealers are cosmetic powders, creams, sprinkles and sprays that make the hair appear thicker. They work best in areas with existing hair and are usually used in conjunction with other natural hair restoration products. Although they do nothing to promote new hair growth they are good at camouflaging the appearance of balding.

How do Cosmetic Hair Loss Concealers Work?

Hair loss concealers work in one of two ways. They are either applied directly onto your scalp, as in the case of creams, powders, and sprays. Or they are added into your existing hair by way of shaking in microfibers.



DermMatch is a solid, hard-packed powdered formula that colors your scalp to match your hair. Developed by doctors in the 1990’s, it was initially used to cover up scars after hair transplant surgery. In addition to covering the scar, it turns out that it made the hair look much thicker all over. As a result, it is now sold to people who suffer from a variety of issues to mask the effects of thinning hair.

DermMatch ApplicationDermMatch is easy to apply. Simply get the EZ Grip, EZ Reach applicator moist, dip it in the color, and rub it on your head. Next, brush through your hair to coat the thin hairs with thickening agents, then let it dry. After it’s dry, brush again and watch your hair puff up thick and full.

DermMatch Before and AfterIf you’re worried about clogging up the pores on your head fear not. DermMatch’s topical formula is loaded with emollients and botanicals, which are good for your skin, so it’s safe to use every day. It’s also water-resistant, so it won’t drip off if you sweat, swim, or get caught in the rain. However, as with all hair concealer products, this will come off if you rub on it. To remove DermMatch just shampoo as normal.



Toppik takes a different approach to masking thinning hair. Instead of applying product directly onto your scalp, you shake it into your hair. The creators of Toppik got the idea of using microfibers from a Hollywood makeup man’s secret trick to covering up actor’s bald spots. He would cut off pieces of the actors own hair, chop them into very small pieces, then add them back onto the actors head.

Toppik Before and After

Toppik’s hair building fibers are made of all natural organic keratin protein, the same protein that human hair is made of, and come from the wool of sheep. Keratin, which is a class of fibrous protein molecules, also serves as the structural units for skin, nails, hooves, horns, feathers, and teeth. It is extremely strong, difficult to dissolve, and contains a large amount of sulfur, which is why it smells bad when it burns. Most of the keratin that people interact with is actually dead; hair, skin, and nails are all formed from dead cells which the body sheds as new cells push up from underneath. If the dead cells are kept in good condition, they will serve as an insulating layer to protect the delicate new keratin below them. In general, the thicker the layer of keratin, the healthier the hair or nail.

To apply Toppik simply sprinkle it onto your head. The tiny protein fibers adhere to your own hair due to static electricity. Toppik is completely undetectable and resistant to wind, rain and perspiration, yet easily washes out with shampoo. It is available in 8 colors and also has some additional accessories to help you get that perfect look.

Toppik OptimizerToppik Hairline Optimizer – designed to help you apply Toppik along your front hair line, it removes excess product, providing you softer, natural looking hair.

Toppik Spray ApplicatorToppik Spray Applicator – allows for a targeted, more controlled application of the Toppik fibers.  Improve your results while using less product.

Toppik Spray MistToppik FiberHold Spray – for the finishing touch, spray on after applying Toppik fibers for a secure, long-lasting hold.  Contains Pro Vitamin B5 to soften and condition hair and is pH balance 5.5 for best results.

Nanogen Keratin Fibers

Nanogen System

Nanofibers Close-Up

Nanogen is another brand of hair building fibers made of keratin. You apply it by shaking it into your hair.  The keratin fibers adhere to your existing hair, including the finest vellus hairs, via a static electrical charge that causes a magnet-like attraction to human hair.  The results look like little branches on a tree.  This bonding pattern creates the added density that makes your hair look full again.

To use:  Dry and style your hair as normal, sprinkle on the Nanofibers, blend in gently with your fingers, then spray on the locking mist.  To remove just shampoo.

Nanogen comes in 10 different shades.  You can even mix colors for perfectly blended natural hair.

Mega THIK Hair Building Fibers

MegaTHICK Hair Building FibersMega THIK is an excellent all natural thinning hair solution for both men and women.  It is made of organic keratin protein that has been cut with lasers into tiny micro sized fibers.  The fibers electrostatic bond with your hair is so strong that they won’t come out even in high wind or rain.  They also do not run, stain, or smear, but wash out easily with shampoo.

To use simply shake into dry hair then gently brush it in.  The fibers mix down into your own hair and are completely undetectable.  The end result is thicker, fuller looking hair.

Mega THIK is available in 7 different colors and is safe to use with other products and after hair transplant surgery.

Hair So Real (HSR)

Hair So Real HSR

Hair So Real are artificial hair fibers made of keratin, nylon, cotton and rayon.  You apply them as other hair fiber products, by shaking them into your dry hair and combing.  Finish off with hair spray.  Available in 8 colors for both men and women.

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