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Looking for regular “follow” links to your site? This site is running keyword luv, comment luv, and top commenter. Get your links here! It’s no secret today that solid content plus links lead to high search rankings. As a way to say thank you to those that comment on my site I have installed a bunch of plugins that reward you with your own site promotion and linking.

By running both Comment Luv and Keyword Luv I provide you the opportunity to actually get two backlinks and keyword rich anchor text from one comment.

Comment Luv works by showing a link to the title from your latest blog post on your site under your comment. This not only gives you a backlink to your blog, but if your post title is interesting enough, some of my readers may be inclined to visit you.

Keyword Luv works by separating your name from the keywords you would like to use in the anchor text of your comment. This gives you much improved anchor text for the link. So instead of just your name or keywords being hyperlinked in the comment, your comment will look a little like this:

Jennifer from Natural Hair Restoration says:

In which case the keywords or name of your site are hyperlinked – not your name.

Using the above as an example, to make use of the Keyword Luv feature, you will have to enter your information in the name field like this:

Jennifer @ Natural Hair Restoration

This is not an email address. It just tells the plugin to parse the word Jennifer as the name and use Natural Hair Restoration as the anchor text for the link. Go on, leave me a comment and give it a try to see how it works.

I only ask the following:

Simply add to the original post and stay on topic and your comments will be approved. Low quality comments like “Hey, nice site,” and “Great post” will be deleted. Pretty easy! Furthermore you will be getting as many as three links from this site.

  1. Top Commenters Plugins (Site Wide Link)
  2. Keyword Luv Link
  3. Comment Luv Link

I get solid content and you get quality links. Everybody wins!

Thanks again guys, have fun and stop by often.

PS  For those of you who are new to commenting I found a great blog about Commenting Etiquette

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